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Rack   Co-Location

We provide secure lockable rack cabinets with uninterrupted power and centrally air conditioned to   co-locate   compute, network and storage appliances.

Rack Per U Services(Server Space 1U/2U Size)

This is suitable for Government agencies who want to   leverage a shared rack to co-locate handful of IT   appliances on a per U basis,

Expedition  Services( No need of personal presence inside the data center )

Our expedition support helps in assisting stakeholders in preliminary physical checks of their hosted environment , port   & cabling   checks, reporting equipment indicators   and on demand physical re-boots.

Benefits of our Co-Location Services

Modular Architecture

Modular private data suite with capacities of 275 Racks.

Rapid Deployment

With Plug-And-Play private suites readily available Government stakeholders can colocate their IT infrastructure in matter of days.


SCADA/DCIM facility wherein all electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire safety, security and surveillance equipment are monitored live and can be controlled instantly with click of button from the global command center located within the facility

Low Total Cost-Of-Ownership

Innovative data center design, Low Power cost   and Flexible   business model   translate to significant   cost savings for our Government stakeholders

Uncompromised Security

Three levels of stringent security from the main entrance to the data racks. All data suited and NOCs are provided with biometric/physical key access and are monitored and managed by the


Security and Surveillance

1. 24×7 Physical, Personnel Security
2. Ip base CCTV Systems
3. Entire premise under surveillance Monitoring


1. NOC
2. SOC
3. Dedicated Customer Seating Modules
4. Meeting Rooms
5. Staging Room
6. Video Conference
7. Storage Area

Fire Safety/Suppression

Design considerations

1. Data Hall
2. UPS Switch Rooms
3. Battery Room
4. Chilled Water


1. HVAC and Chiller Monitoring
2. Energy Meter Monitoring
3. DG Monitoring
4. Transformer Monitoring
5. UPS Monitoring
6. PDU Monitoring
7. Battery Monitroing
8. All HVAC, Electrical, Fuel, Fire Safety and Security

Fiber Connectivity

ISP of your choice.